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My Second Home Pet Resort

Book your pet a true home away from home hotel experience.

The safety, security, and comfort of your pet is always our first priority! Your companion deserves the best, and that’s what we have to offer… without compromise. You’ll find all the comforts of home in our fully heated and air conditioned 18,000-square-foot dog and cat boarding facility in Franklin, TN.

Pet Boarding Facility Features

All of our luxury pet boarding suites are built on raised floors. Unlike the rest of the kennel industry, we reject the notion of pets ever sleeping on cold concrete slabs or surrounded by dangerous chain link fence.

Fresh air is provided by a system of charcoal filtration, ultraviolet light and introduction of additional ozone. This controls the air quality, eliminating the airborne pathogens which could lead to disease or cross contamination. Combined with cold plasma processes and dual intake ionization, our air is kept at a state of the art level.

Our luxury pet boarding service provides bedding for all of our guests, freshly laundered in our industrial-grade washer and dryer. Luxurious soundproofed suites, specially made for the size and breed of each guest, promote a relaxing and serene environment for your furry friend.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

My Second Home values all of the feedback that we receive from our beloved clients. Here is just a small sample of the happy pets that have had a blast at our resort!

I appreciate how welcoming all of the staff is to me and my dog. Piper is treated so well, that she is excited to arrive at and be left at MSH. Customer service is excellent. I appreciate having a place that I trust taking my dog for all of the services offered. Thank you!

Patrice M.

We have been clients at MSH for almost ten years now. Each year tends to get more organized and the staff seems to grow more passionate and friendly. Our dog, Max, absolutely loves the people there and each person knows him by name. You can tell the employees love their jobs and that makes an enormous difference - a rare find.”

Amanda V.

My Second Home could not be more appropriately named!! Our giant poodle puppy has been playing in daycare three times a week or over a year. She has boarded when we are out of town, and all of her grooming needs are handled by the skillful groomers on staff. We are thrilled to have a place like this, everyone knows our dog by name and personality.”

Susie and Kate O.