What our clients are saying

My Second Home has been an amazing home away from home for our cat Deacon!  Deacon has been vacationing with MSH since he was a kitten and the staff there truly makes us feel like he is a part of the My Second Home Family.  We agonized over leaving Deacon with anyone while we travel, but with MSH we are confident that he is getting the love and attention he needs while we are away.  We would definitely recommend My Second Home to anyone who is looking for personalized care for their furry family member while they are away!

Stephanie Brasili

My Second Home is an important part of our family. You all go above and beyond to make Paisley feel comfortable and happy when she is not at home.

Natalie Little

Annie is a senior Brittany and has a few extra needs that we were concerned about when we first brought her there for boarding.  Every time we bring Annie to visit, you guys make us feel assured when we check in that she will receive great care and attention.  We are able to periodically check in on her by email and when we pick her up we have always felt like she received great care and most importantly, she is happy.

Shelby Guthrie

My Second Home could not be more appropriately named!!  Our giant poodle puppy has been playing in day care three times a week for over a year. She has boarded when we are out of town, and all of her grooming needs are handled by the skillful groomers on staff. We are thrilled to have a place like this, everyone knows our dog by name and personality. She feels safe, loved and has a lot of fun every time she is at day care. When we pick her up everyone knows who she played with, what her favorite weather is and if her friends were there that day. My Second Home handles all our pet needs. We are confident that our dog is taken care of the way we would take care of her, she is loved, and all the staff members pay attention to her.  We know our dog is in great hands when she is not with us, everyone that works there loves animals – it’s obvious!!!

Susie and Kate O’Hara

Our English Springer Spaniel is nearly 15 years old. He is blind and deaf. The Serenty Suite at My Second Home is the only place we will board him when we travel. The staff is outstanding. They give him loving care!

Steve Harding

I appreciate how welcoming all of the staff is to me and my dog. Piper is treated so well, that she is excited to arrive at and be left at MSH. Customer service is excellent. I appreciate having a place that I trust taking my dog for all of the services offered. Thank you!

Patrice Mayo

My dog and I have been coming a long time to My Second Home and have had experience with everyone at the counter and in the Day Care. Peaches and I feel like they are part of our family. It is hard for me to rate one employee over another as I love each one of them. They all take a great interest in me and Peaches. That my dog can hardly wait to get out of the car is proof enough that everyone is doing a great job.

Nancy Blackwelder-Fort

Cannot think of any way things could be better! You are the best ever and I have boarded pets for 38 years.

Martha Wayburn

MSH is incredible! We drive an hour and a half (each way) to board our dog, Britta. I have complete piece of mind that my dog is being taken care of (and loved) when she is at MSH. And that’s saying a lot for me! I have confidence in the staff because EVERY ONE of them seems to genuinely enjoy their job. This is customer service taken to the highest level. We all want to believe that our dog, (or cat) is special and that everyone else can see that they are. We know realistically, of course, our pets are probably only special to us, but the folks at MSH appear to see our pets as we see them. This is priceless to a pet owner! Keep up the good work! and Thank You.

Lorraine Ardaiz

My dogs Macy and Elvis are my babies and I would do anything to make sure they are safe and happy. My husband and I both travel for work and have to leave them behind often. One of the things that gives us a lot of comfort is knowing that they are being taken care of by true pet lovers that care about them as much as we do. I get a little sad when I drop them off sometimes but they have no problem as they jump right out of the car and run and lick the staff at MSH. I know they do this because the MSH associates are a part of their extended family. I am grateful for the wonderful experience that MSH provides for my dogs and appreciate that they continue to strive to be better each day.

Kelly Kerley

We have been exceptionally pleased with all aspects of care we have received from your facility. If we cannot leave Ci-Ci at My Second Home & she cannot accompany us on a trip, then we don’t go!

Karen Morvai

When I travel, I worry about Jessie.  She is 15 (old for an Anatolian Shepherd mix), has 2 “blown” ACL’s in her back legs and is generally feeling her age.  I started taking her to My Second Home a few years ago and immediately felt comfortable about leaving her there.   The thing that made me even more comfortable was when I picked her up.  Jessie casually walked out, stopped, and gave the person that had brought her up front a little lick in the face and walked over to me.  She was clearly not in a hurry to get out of there. Since that time, I’ve brought Jessie back to My Second Home numerous times for both boarding as well as for day care.  At this point, it’s somewhat comical.  As I walk through the door, everyone in the building says, “Jessie!”  If you are old enough to know the TV show, “Cheer’s” it is somewhat like walking into that bar with Norm.  They are clearly happy to see Jessie and the feeling is mutual.  She typically walks over to everyone to say “hello” and then heads for the back.  She truly reacts as though it is her “second home” and she is going to visit friends. I’d like to say one other thing about My Second Home…One of the first times that Jessie was there she had a minor health issue.  I was out of the country and even with the time changes; they contacted me and let me know what was happening.  Jessie’s vet (Dr. Paula from Animal Ark) is on staff for My Second Home and they facilitated getting Jessie’s medication and making sure she had the extra attention needed to keep her comfortable.  By the time I got back, Jessie was fine and when I picked her up, she just walked out and got in the car. If you can’t take your pet with you on your trip, I highly recommend you call the great folks at My Second Home and make a reservation.

Jeff Stough

Zoey, our sweet little Scottie, began attending Day Care at My Second Home before her first birthday.  Since her only siblings at that time were three cats, we felt it necessary for her to have other dogs to play with.  She dearly loved her play days and it was hard to get her in the car to come home.  All the employees call her by name and have since she first started going there 5 years ago.   We now board her at My Second Home and she always comes back home happy and in great shape. In November of 2014 we added another child(dog) to our family.  Lexi is a shelter rescue and she too attends My Second Home for Day Care as well as boarding.  She doesn’t attend the same play group as Zoey because she likes to play with the small dogs. Everyone calls her by name also and she actually cries all the way home after I pick her up at Day Care.  We all want the best care for our children, even the ones with four legs instead of two, when we can’t be with them.  I never worry about leaving our pets at My Second Home.  I know they will get the best love and care there.  I enjoy their pictures and report cards when they have extended care.In my honest opinion and after Five years experience with My Second Home, I can’t think of a better place to care for our pets when we can’t.

Ginger Houston

Every employee that I’ve had contact with is awesome. My dog Millie loves to come, she’s happy when I leave her and looks so happy when I pick her up. Also, the grooming is the best….she looks wonderful. I’d love to single out one employee but each and every employee is terrific. Their love for pets shows every time I am there and I love the way they treat my Millie.

Denise Shepard

We have been clients at MSH for almost ten years now.  Each year tends to get more organized and the staff seems to grow more passionate and friendly.  Our dog, Max, absolutely loves the people there and each person knows him by name.  Max is a Weimaraner (which tends to be a hyper breed) so we need somewhere with plenty of space for him to run around and use up energy.  The facilities are outstanding with more than enough space to play. Pam and the boarding/daycare staff are top notch and I know without a doubt they go out of their way and do more than they are required to ensure Max has a comfortable stay and a fun time while there.  The staff treats Max as if he were their own. When things are busy at the front desk or when the weather is miserable outside for daycare, the staff stays positive and professional.  They strive to make the experience a good one for everyone.   You can tell the employees love their jobs and that makes an enormous difference – a rare find.  We are so pleased and thankful Max has a second home at My Second Home Pet Resort.

Amanda Vickers