Training creates a connection between you and your dog

My Second Home Pet Resort now offers private one-on-one dog training, available during daycare, boarding, or by walk-in appointment. Or, you can join your pup in a Saturday group training class, and improve communication between you and your dog. Whether it’s private or class training, our full-time professional trainer will give your dog (and you) the skills for mastering everything from basic manners to obedience.

Training opens up a line of communication between you and your dog, which is why our trainer keeps you, the pet parent, actively involved in the training and progress. Successful training does not end with the trainer, but instead, is reliant on consistency and repetition at home. Our trainer will provide you with guidance and resources on how to reiterate your dogs learning in their own home environment, therefore creating a safer, more enjoyable home life for your whole family.

Meet Alissa, our full-time trainer

Alissa is a United States Navy Veteran. She offers different techniques of training that best fit your fur baby and family’s lifestyle. Alissa’s main priority of training is giving your family the best tools to communicate with your furry, four-legged friend. She truly develops long-lasting connections with your dog to help break down communication barriers and refocus your dog’s attention. She offers many different options as to what training would best suit your family. Her motto is “reinforcement with positive outcomes”

One-on-one private training:

30-minute  session: $34.95

Add an activity package to your dog’s training session, and save $10!

Saturday Group Classes:

Puppy Obedience: 4-week course for $180.00

Includes but not limited to:

  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Creating behaviors (sit, down, place, heel, let’s go, leave it, recall)
  • Behavioral issues such as chewing, nipping, and digging
  • Controlled behavior and socialization
  • Polite manners

Basic Obedience: 6-week course for $220.00

Includes but not limited to:

  • Manners (jumping, chewing, digging barking, etc)
  • On leash commands (sit, down, place, heel, come, let’s go, waiting at doorways)
  • 3 D’s with all commands (distance, distraction, duration
  • Customize training requests

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Training is about more than just manners!

Dog training is more than just SIT and STAY. Our trainer can work with your dog on leash walking, coming to you when called, active listening, and even HEEL commands. Whether you have a puppy that needs basic obedience training, or a more mature dog that needs some refresher courses, the My Second Home trainer will customize a training plan based on the needs of you and your dog. Call us today to find out how we can help your dog become a calmer, more confident, obedient member of society, and the peace of mind it can give YOU.

[The trainer] really understands doggie behavior and gives us updates and provides documentation and video instruction for us to reinforce what she is teaching. A real bonus is the convenience of having a great trainer on staff to work with our dog, simultaneously when she attends daycare. This is a big timesaver. We highly recommend [training] and the coordination and dedication of the daycare staff at My Second Home.

Margaret & Bob B. for Betty Lou
CGC certified October 2017