My Second Home Pet Resort dog training services are now available!

Meet Our Trainer, John Clawson

It’s not often people find their calling at a young age, but when it happens it leads to a life of hard work and passion. This is absolutely the case for John Clawson. John has been training dogs since the ripe old age of 13, when he met his Beagle, Suzy. Since then, he’s spent over 30 years in the industry training pups of all breeds and backgrounds. He believes training and proper socialization is the key foundation to building a strong relationship between people and their dogs.

John has trained for people and professionals across the country. From serious hunters running dogs in AKC and UKC hunting tests to everyday dog owners, John knows that every dog is different and requires a custom training program that best suits their personality and purpose. He also knows that the training doesn’t end when he hands the leash back to owners. Just like people, dogs learn through constant repetition and reinforcement, and that falls on the owner. John ensures that every parent leaves with a deeper understanding of their pet and the tools to set them up for success.

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Training is about more than just manners!

Dog training is more than just SIT and STAY. Our trainer can work with your dog on leash walking, coming to you when called, active listening, and even HEEL commands. Whether you have a puppy that needs basic obedience training, or a more mature dog that needs some refresher courses, the My Second Home trainer will customize a training plan based on the needs of you and your dog. Call us today to find out how we can help your dog become a calmer, more confident, obedient member of society, and the peace of mind it can give YOU.

I can not say enough about the training program [at MSH]. We are working on building his confidence so he is not terrified of every movement we make. Within 5 sessions he learned sit and down, and instead of cowering when we go to pet him he actually wags his tail [and] lets us pick him up. Most importantly we can't even remember the last time he hid under the bed! We are looking forward to his continued progress!

Pamela H for Finnie-Bean
Franklin, Tn