My Second Home Pet Resort training services are currently on hold. If you would like to be notified when training is available, please contact


Daily Dog Training Rates

30-minute training session (trainer + dog): $39.95

30-minute training session (trainer + dog): $29.95 when purchased with an activity or daycare


60-minute training session (trainer + dog): $64.95

60-minute training session (trainer + dog): $54.95 when purchased with an activity or daycare


60-minute private training session at My Second Home (trainer + dog and you): $79.95

60-minute private training session at YOUR home (trainer + dog and you): $99.95


Lodge and Train Rates

Each Lodge and Train Package comes complete with one of our private luxury overnight suites, custom training package with Tyler, daily play sessions and feeding according to your pet’s routine, and the award-winning care of our lodging team. PLUS a full-service bath, brush, and nail trim before they come home.

1-week Basic Lodge and Train: $950 (includes but not limited to sit, down, and stay)

2-week Intermediate Lodge and Train: $1,900 (heel, recall, loose-leash walking)

4-week Advanced Lodge and Train: $3,800 (agility and off-leash recall with or without e-collar)


Please call or TEXT 615-771-7794 for details and availability. All dogs must be vaccinated according to our policy.  Room accommodations are subject to availability. Training is available 5 days a week, typically Tuesday through Saturday.

Training is about more than just manners!

Dog training is more than just SIT and STAY. Our trainer can work with your dog on leash walking, coming to you when called, active listening, and even HEEL commands. Whether you have a puppy that needs basic obedience training, or a more mature dog that needs some refresher courses, the My Second Home trainer will customize a training plan based on the needs of you and your dog. Call us today to find out how we can help your dog become a calmer, more confident, obedient member of society, and the peace of mind it can give YOU.

I can not say enough about the training program [at MSH]. We are working on building his confidence so he is not terrified of every movement we make. Within 5 sessions he learned sit and down, and instead of cowering when we go to pet him he actually wags his tail [and] lets us pick him up. Most importantly we can't even remember the last time he hid under the bed! We are looking forward to his continued progress!

Pamela H for Finnie-Bean
Franklin, Tn