Cat boarding accommodations for even the most pampered feline

New Clients Click Here for DiscountsWe know cat boarding is always a concern for loving owners and we want to provide the most stress-free experience possible. Jungle Cats, our very special habitat for your feline companion, is an adventure indeed. We’re located near the Cool Springs Galleria area in Franklin, TN and convenient to the Greater Nashville area. Our cat boarding package includes an airy two-story condo with a separate, vented bathroom for each guest.

Just like their cousins in the wild, they’ll thoroughly enjoy this interactive jungle visit. Jungle Cats is fully soundproofed from the rest of the building, so our guests enjoy their stay in complete peace, listening to the tranquil sounds of the rain forest. Rates: As low as $20 a night for new clients!

Take a video tour of our facility.

While in our cat boarding facility, your fabulous feline friend will enjoy:

  • Private, State of the art multi-floor cat suites.
  • Ultra-private litter areas
  • An exclusive air system to ensure comfort in their “own” domain
  • The beautiful views of our outdoor jungle including a see-through window bird feeder
  • Specially purchased multi-story cat trees
  • Love, care, and attention from our nationally certified pet care professionals.

MSH is incredible! I have confidence in the staff because EVERY ONE of them seems to genuinely enjoy their job. This is customer service taken to the highest level. We all want to believe that our dog or cat is special. The folks at MSH appear to see our pets as we see them. This is priceless to a pet owner!

Lorraine Ardaiz
Franklin, Tennessee

Why are our cat boarding suites different?

My Second Home is dedicated to loving your pet as much as you do. We commit to this by keeping your cat’s boarding experience as home-like as possible. Our cat boarding area now features a tall, seven-story cat tree in the common area for them to enjoy during our Safari Stroll¬†activity.

We also have an active bird feeding area adjacent to their rooms on the exterior of the building; this allows your cat to be entertained all day by the abundance of birds who enjoy the feeder. All of our cat boarding daily prices include lodging, scheduled fee­ding, a private litter area, and the attention and care of our professional staff so your pet will always feel at home.