Respect Your Cat Day

It’s official: March 28th is “Respect Your Cat Day”. Of course, if you’re a cat owner, then you know the truth: every day is “Respect the Cat” day! Yes, they can certainly be divas. But they’re soooooooo adorable that we’ll put up with most anything. Alright; anything. And besides, what’s the harm in a little healthy self confidence anyway?

A Lot We Can Learn

There’s nothing quite like the boldness with which a cat walks up to us, expecting to be more than loved – to be cherished, really. In fact, there’s a lot we can learn from them. When they love, they give it all they’ve got. There’s no holding back out of fear of being rejected, of having their tender hearts broken, yet again. Nope.

YOU Are Their Favorite

A healthy cat will purr-fully coo over you, they will cuddle you, and they will go out of their way to make sure everyone knows that you belong to them. No games. YOU are their favorite. “A pile of Mom’s (or Dad’s) clothes for me to curl up and nap in until they all smell like me? Perfect!”

Don’t Even Try It

Even if they’re one of those silly little kitties that likes to operate under a veil of mystery and indifference. They still have their special little ways of making it clear that you belong to them. Period. That warns any would-be competitors, “Don’t even try it, buddy.”

The Ultimate Litmus Test

Of course, there are a few times – just a few – when this behavior may seem less than charming. Take for example, the case of a single Kitty Mama or Papa who decides it’s time to introduce a new love into their home. It’s not uncommon for this attempt to be met with a vigilant cry of, “MeRRRROWWW!” But then, what’s a better barometer for any potential Mr. or Mrs. Right than how they treat your fur-babies? For pet lovers, it can be the ultimate dating litmus test!

Every Day Is Respect the Cat Day

Yes, it’s true. Every day is “Respect the Cat” day. To celebrate, why not give your little Miss Trixie or Smokey Joe and extra special treat? You can treating your cat like the king or queen they truly are with a relaxing, luxurious appointment at Le at Le Salon know how to make any pet look and feel like royalty.

The Luxury Treatment at Le Salon

From bathing, to hair, nail, and claw clipping, Le Salon will pour out the royal treatment upon your precious babies. We take great pride in our grooming transformations – and so do our subjects. So don’t be too surprised when they feel the need to strut their stuff when you come to pick them up… even more than they already do! It feels good to look that good.

A Full Service Pet Resort

At My Second Home Pet Resort, we’ll love your pet as much as you do. We are not your typical pet boarding kennel, but a full service pet resort offering specialized cat and dog care services, including the finest pet boarding, dog and cat grooming, and dog daycare. New to My Second Home Pet Resort? Right now, you can take advantage of our 25% off new grooming customers special. For more information on Doggie Day Care, dog or cat boarding or grooming, call My Second Home Pet Resort at (615) 771-7794, Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville Tennessee’s most awarded Pet Care Facility!


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