How true it is that a pet, especially a dog, has proven to be man’s best friend.   Yes, your pet can be the greatest companion you can ask for. They are there when you are happy, there when you are sad, there when you are challenged, and there when you feel celebrated. Regardless of what your state of mind or state of being may be, the ever-loving cherished pet is there to see you through. Did you know pets improve your health — mentally and physically!

Studies and advanced research have now proven and strongly suggest that your pets improve your health as well as being the perfect, loving companion. How wonderful a thought it is knowing that not only is that beautiful, fun loving dog of yours always there by your side to support in his own way, but that they also contribute to your overall happiness and health as well.

Pets are Good for the Heart

Serenity SuitesResearch has proven that those people who have suffered heart attacks of any type or level and are pet owners, survive much longer than those heart attack patients who have no pets. According to these studies men who are dog owners present with less signs of heart disease as well as lower cholesterol levels than those men who are not pet owners.   If owning a delightful, playful, and loving dog will contribute to a healthier heart and a greater survival rate, then it seems that man’s best friend has provided far more than man had initially expected.

At My Second Home Pet Resort we value the health and well being of our clients as well as their pets, and are strong believers in these research findings. We find that many of our clients we interact with regularly appear to live much more comfortable, stress free lives because of the companionship and sense of security and love their pets afford them. We are committed to providing the utmost in care and love to all our doggie day care guests in our continued efforts to provide peace of mind to dog owners that their cherished loved ones are in the hands of some of the most loving and caring pet care providers in the industry.

Dogs are a True Gift to the Elderly

Many, many studies have proven that elderly people, and specifically those who suffer was the horrible Alzheimer’s Disease, appear to be far more relaxed and peaceful and have little to no serious anxiety attacks if they have a cherished pet in the home. The abundant elderly caregivers of today, confirm that they feel far less strained and burdened with the care of their elderly patients when there is a pet involved. It seems that many a caregiver has suggested that cat pets that require far less care and attention than dog pets, seem to present with the higher levels of calm and peacefulness to their patients as to themselves.

In addition to less anxiety outbursts and the calm and peace pets offer to the elderly, when an elder person owns a pet, especially a dog, walking their dogs daily can provide the elderly person with a healthy form of exercise as well as a rewarding companionship thus confirming that pets improve your health.

Pets are Good for Not Only the Body, But the Mind and Soul As Well

amanda-vickersMany people who are pet owners that suffer from a wide range of diseases, especially those that are long term, suffer much less from physical ailments, depression, and anxiety attacks than those ill people who do not have pets.   Those people who have an intense commitment and attachment to their pets are able to enjoy much higher levels of calm and acceptance than those who do not.

Many studies have proven that people who suffered with high blood pressure when asked to adopt a dog or cat were found, after a short period of time as pet owners, to have lower blood pressure readings and far less stress than before they became pet owners. There has been abundant research on this topic and all results seem to conclude with the same findings – pets are beneficial not only to the body but to the mind and soul as well.

At My Second Home Pet Resort we find that our many pet owner clients tend to have a greater sense of calm and are able to communicate easier. They also have a grave concern for the health and well being of their little loved ones during their travels and time away, and are more apt to communicate these important concerns to our staff with ease and conviction. Many, if not all of our clients, are truly committed to the happiness and overall comfort of their pets and look to our superior facility to provide both happiness and comfort during their extended absences or even on a simple daily daycare basis.

All of our professional staff members are licensed and certified in pet care and treatment, and are every bit as committed to the happiness and comfort of your pets as you are yourself.   We fully understand the value your pet has in your life and the role your pet plays in providing you with not only companionship but peace of mind and soul each day. For these very reasons, our pet care providers dedicate long hours and extended efforts to your pets and provide all the care, love, playtime, feed time, drink time, and wind down time each of our cherished guests need.

Trust Your Loved One to Our Professional Doggie Day Care and Facility


We understand the hectic, fast paced lives that so many people live today and recognize that many times there are just not enough hours in a day to dedicate to your special little companion. With that said, we offer daily care for your pets while you are away at the office for long hours each day. You can drop off your little one to our friendly, extremely state of the art facility each morning as you head out to work and stop by at the end of the work day to pick up your pet that you will find to be both happy and comfortable from their loving daily stay with us.

If you have the need to travel, whether on business or for vacation and pleasure, then rest assured you can count on the professional specialists and caregivers at our attractive and highly reputable facility to provide your pet with all the ‘comforts of home’ during your extended absence. We will be certain to afford your pet with meal times, drink times, fun times, play times, socializing with other pet times, nap times, exercise and activity times, and proper sleep times each and every day.

At My Second Home Pet Resort pet owners find that their dogs and other pets are cared for by some of the most loving, caring and compassionate people in the industry and offer all the assurance needed that their special companions will be properly cared for and loved while owners are away during travels.  Understanding the proven fact that pets improve your health, we at My Second Home Pet Resort remain steadfast in keeping your pets healthy as well so that they in turn can continue to offer you the improved health they so lovingly afford you each day.

If you haven’t enough hours in the day to dedicate to your little loved one, or you need to travel for an extended period of time, then don’t fret. Come on down to our trusting, award-winning pet care facility at My Second Home Pet Resort today, and put the happiness and well-being of your pet in our loving, trusted hands. You’ll be glad you did and your pet will be every bit as glad you did as well….