So you just found out that you have to travel for work for the next three days and are panicked because what are you to do with your precious family pup. Then lo and behold you see an advertisement for the perfect doggy daycare. The ad insists that they are here to solve your every problem with doggy love and care and that they not only will feed and sleep your pup, but offer hours of personal fun and social activities for your dog as well. Then you are witness to a slideshow of precious dogs of all sizes and breeds, frolicking about with one another and having the time of their life. When all is said and done, has this advertisement sold you on the concept of a friendly doggy daycare?

Well, rest assured it should. Doggy daycares are becoming more and more popular with every passing day and certainly the overall business is rapidly flourishing. At My Second Home Pet Resort you can be certain that your dog is in the hands of the industry’s absolute best. All of our daycare providers are not only qualified and experienced, but every bit friendly and playful. We take tremendous pride in being able to provide your pet with companionship and playmates throughout their stay with us along with personalized supervision. And if your pet is with us for only a daily visit, you drop him off when you head out for work and pick him up when the work day is over, you can be assured that your furry friend will receive all the love, attention, companionship and playtime they want and need each day and every day.

Why Our Doggy Daycare Works for You

Dog resting in our boarding suiteThe schedule you have is of no real concern to us since we are here every day of the week to provide specialized services and lots of love and care to all our pet visitors at our extraordinary resort. Whether your pet is with us on a daily in and out basis, or they are staying with us long-term, our experienced staff is here to provide all the comforts of home and all the love they are accustomed to from the moment they walk through our doors.

Our client testimonials are a true testament to our award-winning facility and to the certified and licensed care providers that make up our extraordinary staff. With a genuine commitment and dedication to the well-being of all our resort guests, we strive to deliver services that far exceed our client expectations. We provide all our pets with superior love and attention and deliver top of the line care from morning till night. We have your pet engage in everyday social activities with all our other resort guests and shower them with all the attention they are accustomed to at home.

With specialized meal times, nap times, play times, and bedtimes, all our little resort guests quickly and easily acquaint themselves with our healthy schedules and in no time at all are programmed to enjoy all the activities our superior resort affords them. They quickly know when it’s meal time, when it’s time to play and surely they fall right into step when its bed time and look forward to the activities of the next day ahead of them. Our programs here at My Second Home Pet Resort provide much needed exercise, mental stimulation and social enhancement to all our precious resort guests.

Our Healthy Social Environment

activities-pamperingThe social environment here at My Second Home Pet Resort is truly unmatched. Our daycare setting offers all our furry little friends special one on one playtime with a certain other resort guest, as opposed to encouraging group play time. We feel that play between two dogs is by far the most prevalent type of play we can afford your pup since it is a much easier dynamic for all dogs than playing in groups of three or larger would tend to be. We feel that it is also much easier for our staff members and daycare providers to give specialized attention and care to our guests in their social activities by limiting the number of playmates they have at one time. This philosophy benefits your dog greatly since they become familiar with their newfound friend and companion as well as with those providers who are there to interact with them during social play time as well.

We are committed to providing the most frolicking fun imaginable for all our resort guests and give close attention to play style in order to pair our dogs with playmates that share in the same style and nature of play. We make the management of our dogs’ personalities and levels of excitement a priority when teaming up one and one playmates and when compiling our group play as well.

Social Time You Can Trust

Once you have encountered our spectacular facility and our committed staff of care providers you are sure to walk away knowing that your family pet will not only be properly cared for but will find delight in sharing in exercise and social activities with other pets to their liking. The staff here at My Second Home Pet Resort looks upon all our resort guests and treat them all as if they are our own. We are determined to provide them with services that will keep them wanting to come back for more and not miss ‘mom and pop’ too much. With our roster of playful activities and advanced social events and interactions, we are confident that we will greatly enhance the social skills and behaviors of your dog with each and every exciting, frolicking and fun-filled adventure they partake in at our classy and comfy doggy daycare and resort!!