We all know how we feel when we pull our car into a parking space and see a dog locked in a car on an incredibly hot Nashville summer day. There is nothing quite so scary or upsetting to anyone, especially dog and pet lovers. There have been many studies performed that have revealed how rapidly the temperature inside of a car will rise even if the temperature outside the vehicle is not excessively hot. With that in mind, don’t chance having to leave your dog unattended in a vehicle or at home in the summer heat for extended periods of time, bring them on over to our luxury dog resort and let our friendly staff give summertime a whole new meaning for your dog.

With summer just around the corner, and pet owners getting frantic about their dog’s summer activities and boarding, we at My Second Home are proud of our one of a kind, one on one, services we offer all our dogs at our Nashville ‘summer dog resort.’ Our dedicated staff is truly all about our furry little friends and are committed and dedicated to making every one of our precious guests encounter and fully experience a safe, healthy and very happy summer visit.

If you are beginning to think about your plans for your summer vacation and perhaps a couple of other getaways you are hoping to enjoy during the summer months, then rest assured you want to know that your loving pet will be properly cared for while you are away enjoying quality time and fun in the sun. A loving, caring and very professional summer dog resort would be an ideal ‘getaway’ for your little pup or dog and will surely afford you the peace of mind needed to know that you dog is being loved and cared for while you are away. At My Second Home we strive to provide the most top of the line dog care services Nashville will ever know and we are proud to offer our services at prices that are not only practical but indeed very affordable. We fully understand how difficult it can be to just leave your family member behind as you venture off on your exciting vacation excursions, but we are confident that you will recognize and fully value the countless quality services and the love our entire staff will give to your dog.

The summertime, especially can be difficult when it comes to giving much needed care and attention to dogs especially in light of the hot and humid weather. Summer temperatures can get remarkably high and dogs need to be kept cool and hydrated well during this time in order to keep them comfortable and healthy. Our highly skilled and trained staff here at My Second Home is all about the health and well-being of all our little guests. We provide lots of one on one time to all our pets and in the summertime afford all our pups and dogs with the full amenities of a true Nashville summer dog resort including lots of outdoor fresh air and playtime, lots and lots of water, healthy meals, cool and refreshing outdoor water playtime and activities, and nap times that help to get them rested and refreshed for their next round of summertime fun and games in the sun.

Our entire staff is licensed and certified to provide top of the line personalized, dog care services, of all kinds, to our special visitors and guests. In the summertime there is additional important dog safety and health training program that all our staff members must undergo. Dedicated to keeping all our dogs from getting overheated in the hot sun, this specialized program is mandatory training and contributes to the overall health of your dog while in our care during the hot summer months. We provide fun time in the sun but make certain they spend ample time in the shade as well and are cooled off regularly with outdoor water fun. We are sure to keep your dog’s body temperature cool and comfortable and should there ever be an occasion where a pup gets overheated at our little summer dog resort, we gradually cool their body temperature down and not try to cool too quickly since it can result in hypothermia. We truly keep a very close watch on all our dogs and maintain their health and well-being throughout their enjoyable stay with us at our highly reputable Nashville doggie day care and resort.

We all know there is a lot to think about when trying to keep your pets safe and comfortable in the hot summer months, which is why we at My Second Home offer our superior summer dog resort services and love even on a daily stay basis. Perhaps you just want your little pup to have a full day away with playtime in the sun, other pets, lots of food and water, and love and attention that keeps them wanting to come back to us time and time again, then bringing your pet over to our Nashville facility, even if for only an all day visit, will add to their summertime enjoyment and to your summertime peace of mind.

If you feel you don’t have the time needed to properly care for your dogs each day, every day, in the heat of the summer months, then give a shout out to our plush, luxury summer dog resort at My Second Home and let us keep your dog safe from the heat of summer and your heart comforted to know your pet is being cared for by some of the best all round doggie daycare providers in all of Nashville. Whether you are looking for overnight boarding or simply doggie day care you can rely on our professional and very loving and friendly staff today and every day. Why wait. Summer is right around the corner, so contact us today. You’ll be glad you did! Have a happy and safe summer!