Everybody gets all excited about the new family pup, and, of course, why shouldn’t you get excited? They are the newest addition to the family, much like a newborn baby, and bring a whole world of excitement and fun to everyone in the household. Each member of the family counted the days and minutes until the new little one arrived and now the big day is here. Keeping in mind that new little pups are much like babies and young children, it’s important to take steps for socializing your puppy right from the very beginning.

Steps and Techniques for Socializing Your Puppy

To begin with, you want to take your dog outdoors to simply look around, observe and get acquainted. Perhaps it is best to visit a dog park and let your little one observe from the outside. Do not take your new pup into the dog park this early on, but certainly allow him to see the other dogs as they frolic and socialize together and get a good feel for the atmosphere at the dog park. You want to give your little pup the opportunity to observe from a distance and watch all the dogs as they mingle, fuss, and play and be able to witness, up close and personal, the behavior patterns of all the other dogs.

When visiting the dog park rest assured some of the dogs on the inside of the park will venture on over to where you and your new pup are. In order to create a positive affiliation with the other dogs, give your little pup a treat of some sort each time one of them comes over to visit and nose around your new pup. The treat will set the stage for a healthy and positive association between your pup and the other dogs.

Be certain to walk your new pup every day, perhaps even multiple times a day. When walking your pup and you come upon another dog, or another dog comes clearly into view, do not tug on the lead and yell at your little pup since this will send a message to your little puppy that other dogs are a negative experience to be had. Instead of jerking on the lead simply distract your pup with some type of a dog toy or even a dog treat, like you did at the dog park, and shout out the command “Look at me.” When your dog pays attention to you, following your command, be certain to praise him and tell him what a good dog he is for paying attention to you (and not that other dog).

Another useful technique you should use when socializing your puppy is that of attending obedience classes. Dog obedience classes are proven to be a superior way to help socialize your dog before you attempt to bring them over to a dog park since these classes will familiarize your puppy with outdoor activities and keeping company and play time with other dogs.

Bring Your Little Puppy on Over to Our Superior Pet Resort

Finally, and indeed one of the most productive, effective, and efficient techniques for teaching your puppy to socialize is to bring them on over to our highly professional, very reputable doggie daycare here at My Second Home Pet Resort. By bringing your little pup, the newest addition to your precious family, over to our award winning day care facility you allow our highly skilled and experienced staff that are fully trained and certified in dog behavior to introduce your little pup to the other pups and even the adult dogs at our facility. This will allow your puppy to meet other dogs in our friendly, controlled environment while they are under the watchful eye of our knowledgeable staff.

Socializing your Puppy with People

Obviously it is important, when socializing your puppy, to be able to have your pup socialize with people as well as other dogs. Begin this very important process by socializing your puppy with your family members first. This should be done very slowly and carefully, and with a great deal of patience since your puppy is not privy to the language humans speak and will need adequate time to learn how to communicate.

Many times, as most people know, a puppy will tend to run away from their new owners and family members because they are either afraid, or uncertain about their new surroundings and those people who surround them. When this happens, it is important that you do not run after your puppy and try to force him to return to the originating point of your communication. If your puppy, for instance, runs away and goes and hides underneath your king sized bed, do not attempt to go under the bed and force the puppy out, but rather ignore him and start doing something that will draw him out on his own. For example, if you start playing with one of his toys he is apt to quietly and slowly make his way out on his own to come play with the toy along with you.

At My Second Home Pet Resort we are all too familiar with the behavior patterns of dogs and of little puppies too. We recognize that dogs are very social creatures by nature and tend to be very playful and curious. They do not like to be alone and get bored very easily which is why you should ignore your little scared runaway puppy because he will get bored and feel lonely quickly and eventually come out on his own. We know full well that when you act as if your puppy’s fearful and slightly frantic behavior is not a big deal, you are, in essence, creating a very peaceful and calm environment for your new puppy which will eventually result in a calmer dog as he grows older. At our cozy, friendly, top-rated pet resort, we dedicate all the necessary time and efforts in helping your puppy to become a little social butterfly and be able to interact, mingle and play with lots of other furry friends.

Finally, we suggest you introduce your new little puppy to people very slowly. You don’t want to try to add the entire family and all your friends into your pup’s life all at once since this would be quite overwhelming to him. One little trick we offer you when introducing your pup to people is to have each new person offer your little pup a treat and speak in a very playful and happy voice, much like talking to a little baby. A happy but low toned voice is very encouraging to your puppy. Be certain not to use a high pitched voice because your puppy is apt to get overly excited by the high pitch. Be certain to keep your little pup on a leash when introducing him to new people and do not try to force your newest little family member to go near the people you are bringing into his life. Let him take his time and do it at his own pace.

Our Commitment to You and Your Pup

At My Second Home Pet Resort we are all about our clients and their precious pups and dogs. We strive to provide the utmost in loving care to your puppy and offer your puppy all the attention, patience and love they need when teaching your pet to socialize with other pets. Our staff knows that corrections and reprimands do not work at all when socializing your puppy. These techniques tend to present with a very nervous and even unhappy dog over time. If you are looking for the perfect team of dog specialists to help socialize your puppy then surely you have come to the right place. At My Second Home Pet Resort you can be certain your puppy will not only learn to socialize with other pets, but will, over time, become a very happy, playful and calm addition to your family and ours.