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In this stress-filled world, we humans often deal with difficulty sleeping, or simply the problem of not enough time to sleep. By contrast, you may have noticed that your beloved pet never does. You may have also found yourself a little fascinated watching them, and all the crazy ways they sometimes snooze. It’s true: the way your dog sleeps says a lot about him or her. But what exactly? In this list of 5 common sleep positions of dogs & their meanings, we’ll take a look at what the experts have to say.


5 Common Sleep Positions of Dogs 

& Their Meanings


1)  The Ball

All that space and what do they do? Curl up into a tight little ball. But this behavior is instinctive for dogs. It’s how they naturally kept themselves safe and warm when they lived in the wild within packs. The ball position generates and maintains the most body heat. It also protected their internal organs from predators who would attack in the night while they slept.

2)  Belly Up!

A dog that sleeps on their  back with their belly exposed feels safe, comfortable and confident in their surroundings. It is a behavior that is in direct opposition of their natural self-protective instincts while sleeping. In doggie body language, it’s generally the equivalent of saying, “I love you, I trust you, and I’m ready for my belly rub.”

3)  The Sprawler

This is usually a good sign that your furry buddy is a little warm, especially if they’re sprawled out on a cool surface, such as a wood or tiled floor. If the room is not unusually warm, it’s not a bad idea to check them for sweating, fever, elevated heart rate, or any other signs of health issues.  This is a very common behavior among healthy dogs, but it always best to be safe. Help them cool down by offering them some iced water. If it appears to be a health issue, call your vet immediately. They may advise you to put your pet in a cold water bath to help them recover.

4)  Busy Boy (or Girl)

Dogs that are very active in their sleep are believed to be involved in a deep REM state, probably in the midst of a very vivid dream. It’s generally recommended to “let sleeping dogs lie” – or dreaming rather, unless they appear very disturbed by the dream. In that case, a gentle nudge or reassuring strokes can be comforting, and may help them move to a different sleep phase.

5)  In YOUR Bed

Are YOU your pet’s favorite furniture, especially when it’s time to go to bed? Dogs are very loving animals who tend to crave physical bonding with their favorite pet parent. In addition, pre-domesticated dogs were pack animals who cozied up to their packmates in their sleeping dens. You may not enjoy it (or maybe you do!), but remember, it’s all out of love – with a healthy dash of genetic predisposition.

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